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Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Wizara ya Ujenzi

Mawasiliano Serikalini

This unit led by Mrs. Segolena Francis
Head of Government Communication Unit (HGCU)
Email: hgcu@mow.go.tz / segolena.francis@mow.go.tz

To provide to the Ministry expertise and service in information, communication and dialogue with Public and Media.

This Unit will perform the following activites:-

  • Produce and disseminate documents such as brochures, articles, newsletters etc to inform the Public on Policies, Programmes, activities and reforms undertaken by the Ministry;
  • Coordinate press briefing for the Ministry;
  • Engage in dialogue with the Public as well as media on issues concerning the Ministry;
  • Promote ministerial activities programs and policies;
  • Coordinate preparation of Sectoral and Ministerial papers for workshops and conferences;
  • Coordinate preparation and production of Ministerial articles and newspapers;
  • Up-date sectoral and ministerial information in the website; and
  • Advice Divisions, Units, extra Ministerial and non commercial Public Institutions on the production of various documents.