Kitengo cha Sheria
Kitengo cha Sheria

This unit led by Donald Chidowu
Principal State Attorney
Head of Legal Unit (H/LU)
Email: hlu@mow.go.tz


To provide legal expertise and service to the Ministry.


This will perform the following activities:-

  • Provide legal advice and assistance to Ministry’s Divisions and Units and entities under the Ministry on interpretation of laws, terms of contract, guarantees, letters of undertaking, memorandum of understanding, consultancy agreements and other type of agreements and other legal documents;
  •  Contribute to the preparation of proposed bill/act, subsidiary legislation (regulation, rules, orders etc) and liaise with the Attorney Generals Chambers; and
  • Prosecute and make follow up of cases in Courts of Law and Courts decision, maintain database on courts decisions and ensure safe Custody.